Mega Size Bamboo Cutting Board

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Extra Large Bamboo Butcher Block - Thick Strong Cutting Boards


Whether you're prepping a dozen veggies for authentic Asian stir-fry or carving up a chicken to go with your  homemade dumplings, your cutting board should be durable and attractive.

Do away with hard plastic and glass boards that dull knives and harbor bacteria. It's time to step up to a         100% organic cutting board made from natural bamboo that lasts for years and looks amazing.


• No glue, it is made from bamboo, so it is 100% food safe and your cutting board will not warp, splint, or break easily.

• Cutting boards are pre-treated with food safe mineral oil.

• Extra-large size makes cooking easier, whether you're mincing garlic or carving a roast; Naturally anti-microbial bamboo makes the ideal choice for kitchen safety. Less porous, there are fewer spaces for the bacteria to get trapped unlike wooden cutting board.

  Material: Bamboo

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